Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book
Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book
Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book

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Healthy Travel Tips

If you could visit the exotic destinations of the world and feel confident that all areas of possible illness were covered.. wouldn't that be a great feeling? If you had the right medication on hand to quickly treat yourself if needed? If you could relax and enjoy the local Asian food without wondering if you'll be sorry tomorrow? Would that add to the fun of your trip?

Some travellers leave their safety in the hands of fate, or the local cooks! Some travellers laughingly say 'it won't happen to me' - its only Europe. Some travellers think mind over matter will fix sea sickness on the passage to the Antarctic.

Help is at hand!! A few simple precautions before departure will ensure you are not one of those daring souls playing Russian roulette with their health.

Instead of coming back yellow, tired and unable to drink alcohol for six months, take a few precautions and come back refreshed and excited by your great adventure.

The following travel tips are the Golden Rules of healthy travel. Even if you do nothing else, these simple precautions will help you avoid many potential health hassles:

  1. Visit your Travel Doctor early - preferably 6-8 weeks before departure
  2. Get all necessary vaccines, malaria pills
  3. Prepare a Travellers Medical Kit
  4. Photocopy your vaccination record book
  5. Have a medical and dental checkup before departure
  6. Take out travel insurance
  7. Start malaria pills well before departure to check for side effects
  8. Take malaria pills regularly with food
  9. Avoid mosquitoes and other biting insects
  10. Regularly apply repellants containing DEET
  11. Sleep under a treated bednet or behind screens
  12. Apply sunscreen regularly
  13. Safe eating means Boil it, Cook it, Peel it or Forget it
  14. Wash hands before eating
  15. Practice Safe sex - always use a condom
  16. Respect motor vehicles, observe speed limits, wear seat belts/helmets, and avoid night driving
  17. Dont go near or touch local animals, and seek rabies vaccine immediately if bitten
  18. Keep your shoes on when outside
  19. Seek medical advice immediately if you develop a fever
  20. Have a checkup on your return if you have been sick while away
  21. Respect local customs

For more information about healthy travel, visit the Dr Deb's The Travel Doctor web site.

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