Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book
Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book
Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book

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Seminars And Workshops

Entertain and inform your audience - guaranteed!

Dr Deborah Mills is a leading specialist in the field of travel health and is ideally qualified to contribute to your conference, meeting or seminar with a presentation that is different, interesting, and relevant to almost any audience.

Deborah graduated from medical school in 1983 and sitting through 6 years of lectures at medical school gave her a clear understanding of how not to present information. Having lived and worked overseas, she is also fully aware of the importance of preventing illness while travelling.

Deborah also has full professional ASM accreditation with The National Speakers Association Of Australia, and combine these elements with a wealth of experience in travel medicine clinical practice and you have a public speaker who is informed, entertaining, and good for your health.

Deborah is one of the pioneers of travel medicine in Australia, and has looked after thousands of departing travellers. She is regularly asked to give presentations to all manner of travellers - from businessmen to backpackers, and all in between.

The following presentations are amongst her most popular, and are further customised to the specific requirements and interests of the audience:

  • Safeguard Your Staff Overseas: A seminar for corporate human resource officers. If your company spends time and resources sending staff overseas, you cannot risk them getting sick. Apart from the obvious productivity losses for the company, 'duty of care' is also an important issue when placing staff in potentially hazardous environments. This workshop can be customised to include particular aspects of travel health depending on destination, length of stay and likely activities of your staff. Travellers First aid training is particularly popular.
  • Have More Fun Overseas: How to enjoy good health while you travel. This seminar is for any audience interested in travel. Nobody wants to lose a moment of their precious travelling time due to preventable sickness or injury, and many overseas health hazards can be avoided with forward planning. Deborah will inform and entertain your audience with critical 'been-there-done-that' information for every traveller.
  • Treat Travellers Trots And Other Troubles: Discover how to quickly fix common travellers problems such as diarrhoea, wound infections, jetlag and much more.
  • Travelling Is Good For Your Health: Travelling with a particular medical problem, for example inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Tips For Trips On Ships: How to get the most out of your cruising holiday.
  • Bugs, Bowels And Barristers: Discover important ways to ensure that your travellers have more fun, and that you, the agent, have fulfilled your duty of care and are protected from litigation.
  • Is Your Daily Life Killing You? Simple measures to put more energy and enjoyment in each and every day.


Presentation topics can cover any aspect of travel medicine or travel health, and can range from instructional training seminars to management overview briefings, conference sessions and workshops. Please contact Deborah for more information.

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