Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book
Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book
Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book

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Travelling Well - Travel Health iPhone App

iPhone App for Travellers

The best selling travel health book, Travelling Well is now available as an application for the iphone.

Research has shown that roughly half of overseas travellers will develop a medical problem during their journey. Many of these problems are easy to manage with the right information, (and a medical kit.) This App "Travel Health" now puts the information you need at your fingertips without adding any weight to your luggage or needing an internet connection.

The App is based on the book "Travelling Well" by Dr Deborah Mills. Travelling Well has over 140,000 copies in print worldwide. Dr Deborah Mills, is a well known Australian Travel Medicine Specialist.

Dr Deb's specialized medical expertise means all the medical recommendations are current and best practice - critical information that travellers need to help them in get back "on track" as soon as possible. Feedback from thousands of Dr Deb's travelling patients over the last 20 years has been extensively incorporated into her publications.

As well as the app being great news for your luggage allowance, iphone technology means the information is presented is a user-friendly format. You can search on symptoms, quickly cross reference information on medication side effects, mark pages as favourites and more.

One of the key aspects of the application is that users see important STOP warnings before accessing the general information about particular symptoms. This way users can feel more confident about when it is OK to wait and treat themselves,, and when they cannot wait and must urgently seek medical advice.

The Travel Health application covers treatment for all the common travellers problems like Gastro and stomach problems, chest problems, fever, skin rashes, altitude sickness, cold climate problems and even the less common worms and parasites.

This app is most useful for persons who visit parts of the planet where some of the local hospitals will make you sicker than you already are.

More info on the iphone app

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