Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book
Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book
Travelling Well - Travel Health And Travel Medicine Guide Book

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What Readers Have Said About The Book

"Full of sensible, easy to follow advice......the section "If You Get Sick" is particularly helpful to travellers."
Dr Gil Lea, MBBS (Lon)
Medical Consultant in Travel Health, Trailfinders Travel Clinic, London - UK

"Travel Medicine is a highly specialised area that requires dedication and concerted attention. Dr Deb Mills is a recognised pioneer and leader in this field in Australia and neighbouring regions. Information gleaned from years of experience has been condensed into Travelling Well, a book that presents, in succinct and straightforward language, all the important, practical health information that any prospective traveller might need, before, during or after their trip."
Dr Paul Prociv, MBBS, PhD, FRACP, FRCPA
Associate Professor, Dept of Microbiology & Parasitology, UQ - Australia

"Travelling Well contains the essential information that travellers need to protect their health overseas. The feedback from our patients is that this book is extremely useful and worthy of a place in their luggage."
Dr Norman Hohl, MBBS, DTM&H, FAFPHM
Medical Director, The Travel Doctor - Gold Coast - Australia

"Clear, concise, practical and without doubt the most user-friendly travel health book available. This book is essential reading for all travellers. Prevention and treatment of common travellers' health problems are covered in an easy to read and understand format. I feel secure that when my clients travel with a copy of Travelling Well they have an excellent tool to help them on their way to having a great trip. A true don't-leave-home-without- it item."
Dr Trish Batchelor, MBBS
CIWEC clinic, Kathmandu - Nepal

"Travel Medicine is more than a few jabs and tablets for diarrhoea. Information on how to stay healthy while travelling and how to manage minor medical problems efficiently and effectively is essential. Travelling Well is written by one of Australia's most experienced travel medicine practitioners and will make an excellent companion in your travels."
International Public Health Consultant - Australia

"There are three things I wouldn't dream of leaving Australia without - a passport, a sarong and a copy of Travelling Well tucked into my first aid kit. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than carting a real, live physician around the world with you!.. (and the crew are always borrowing it to diagnose themselves on the road.) It's a gem."
Sorrel Wilby - World traveller and presenter on Getaway

"Travelling Well is a great travel companion. It is packed full of information and is so easy to refer to. Everything you may need to find out about, from 'Accidents' to 'Yellow Fever'. It is a must read before, during and after your travel adventures."
Grant Kenny - Phenomenal athlete and world traveller

"The information in this book, and the medicines that go with it, are a very valuable thing when in a country where the hospitals can make you sicker than you already are. Thank you very much for your help so far in my travels."
Chris Barnes - Ongoing traveller - Central and South America

"The eternal dilemma of which tablet, when and why! This book is an invaluable resource in answering this question and many more when medical assistance may be unavailable or just plain dodgy! Keep it stashed somewhere amongst all those other essentials."
Kathryn Fulton - Ongoing traveller - Middle East and Africa

"Thank you Travelling Well for 18 months of guidance in India, Nepal, Africa and Madagascar. You gave us (and all those who borrowed you) peace of mind when we were isolated and proved a true friend in times of need with diarrhoea and infection! Thanks to you we fulfilled our dream of marriage on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro in excellent shape, as we watched others battling with the altitude or even being forced to turn back. (Sadly, we also heard of the preventable (?) death of a trekker from acute mountain sickness that very week. Thank you for keeping us safe and for being written in such a user-friendly, easy to understand style."
Lucinda and Ed Shelton - Safely returned to Australia

"Travelling Well is a precious publication. This book provides all the necessary information on the prevention of travel-related sickness. I wish this book had been available while I was an airline manager based in Tokyo. It could have helped many Japanese travellers who have had to suffer unnecessarily during or upon their return from their holiday."
Yukiko White - Former Air Nuigini Regional Manager for South East Asia and Micronesia

My name is Daniel. I want to express my gratitude for your publication "Travelling Well"

I have to admit to being slightly nervous about travel health due to a nasty bout of pneumonia I had on my first ever overseas trip to Italy. I was somewhat under prepared and it took about 3 weeks to recover, including 4 courses of antibiotic and a chest X-Ray.

After that, I visit the Travel Doctor prior to all overseas trips. With the Medical kit and the Travelling Well book, you have created an easy to understand (especially for the lay person), comprehensive, empowering, accessible and sensible reference for any traveller.

For what it is worth, I thank you. I can now travel with increased confidence, knowing that I can deal with the more common travel illness myself, and even more importantly, can act to prevent them in the first place.

"Travelling Well" should be a mandatory read for anyone travelling overseas.
Daniel - March 2008

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